Rustic Weddings!

So many couples this year are opting for the more rustic look in their marquee.  Marquees don’t have to be all carpet and chandeliers, in fact you don’t even have to have linings if you don’t want them!  There are many different options for the interior and exterior for your marquee, some of which I’ve listed below, if you want more information please contact us to request a copy of our ‘The Detail’ brochure or lift the phone and have a chat with us.

Lighting – festoon instead of chandeliers

Flooring – wooden instead of carpet (eliminates the need for a dancefloor as well)

Linings – aren’t essential

Windows– we can do clear windows instead of Georgian, they let in more light and don’t obstruct the view

Roof – clear roofing is available instead of starlit or plain linings if preferred

Doors – while we recommend these as it can be ‘quite drafty’ in Northern Ireland, they aren’t essential!

Chairs – wooden instead of chiavari

Layout – rows of trestle tables instead of the traditional top table and round banqueting tables


These are just a few suggestions for the rustic marquee, you can obviously add your own finishing touches – tables cloths, centrepieces etc

Where to put your marquee?

If you love the idea of having a marquee but aren't sure where it should go, read on!

If you have the space then why not put the marquee in your garden or the garden of a family member.  This can be so much more relaxed and informal and convenient.  Things you will have to consider is how much space there is for the actual marquee, where will everyone park, is there enough space or can you bus everyone in from another location.

Toilets!  A lot of people don't think of this but will your guests leave the marquee and go into the house to use the toilets or would it be better to have toilets in or beside the marquee - your choice.

If you don't have space at home, it's not a problem we can suggest a venue for your marquee wedding, contact us for further details.



Our new blog!

Where to start!  A quick note about Oldtown Marquees!  Oldtown Marquees is owned and managed by husband and wife team Jason and Louise Young, we also have a team of very competent marquee erectors who are reliable and the best at what they do.  We started out hiring marquees in 2011 for parties, we love attention to detail and Jason who is always on site during the build is a bit of a perfectionist which means that the marquees are always clean and looking their best.  Pretty soon we were getting asked for marquees for weddings, we have since invested in much larger marquees and are now happily very busy doing weddings, the marquees are also very popular for corporate events and of course we still provide party marquees as well!

Our reason for starting this blog?  When people come to us asking for a quote for a marquee, most of them rarely have an idea of how many different options are available to them.  Our blog will hopefully give you some ideas for your marquee, we are happy to take suggestions on any topic (marquee related) you want covered.  We have also compiled a guide for the different options we can offer in your marquee so please contact us if you would like a copy of this.

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